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He brings that perfect “feeling like a team” event!
— CBC Venture

Boom! The Power of Rhythm will transform how your people work together by bringing a treasure house of music and rhythm to your organization through its dynamic and interactive team building programs. Imagine them playing drums and percussion instruments from around the globe: listening to each other; reacting to each other; communicating with each other as each individual person adds their own unique voice to the mix but remains fully aware of others. Your heart will pound and your senses will reel as your team magically creates music under BOOM's skillful guidance.


Watch as we help your people learn the valuable skills necessary to be a cohesive unit through the creation of this pulsing percussion orchestra. They will learn to listen, communicate, cooperate, create and adapt, and fully realize the power their contribution makes to the group. But that's only the starting point.  

To ensure the success of our program, we'll talk to you about what you'd like to achieve and then we'll deliver the messages you'd like to get across through this incredibly exhilarating team experience. It's learning and development hidden within the guise of fun and playfulness but built solidly on the foundations of experiential learning. It's something they will never forget — and your organization will never be the same. 

Come join the thousands who have already benefited from our expertise in using music as a tool to build better workplaces.

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BOOM has helped clients with

  • mergers

  • managing change

  • expanding leadership skills

  • addressing diversity

  • bettering their communication skills

  • breaking down silos

In essence, we've taught them how to work better together and to be more productive. 


We've had over 20 great years of satisfied clients who have helped us become a highly sought after team-building program for companies interested in helping their people be better tomorrow than they are today. 

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If an experiential, music-based workshop on leadership, personal accountability, and teamwork may sound unconventional, you’ve got to experience one of BOOM’s programs!