Do your students think that collaboration means playing Fortnite together (in separate locations)? Does their idea of group time mean sending each other messages on Snapchat, Instagram or chatting on Houseparty?

You and I know better. Being connected is about doing things together: problem-solving, creating, learning, sharing smiles, laughter and looking each other in the eye. Things they’re going to need no matter how much tech is out there. BOOM has a way to give them these skills in a fun and educational way. Drumming! It’s been around for centuries because it brings people together and BOOM has the programs and the expertise to bring it to you. Have a look!

3 Educational Drumming Programs to choose from

BOOM's interactive drumming programs will give your students the chance to explore, create and perform.   And besides being tons of fun, BOOM programs also address a variety of Ontario Curriculum outcomes from across several subject areas. 

1 ExperienceD & Passionate Teacher

Paul Houle has 20 years of teaching experience at Canada’s Royal Conservatory of Music, 20 years as a corporate speaker, 1000+ school workshops all over the GTA and a 30-year career as a classical and world music percussionist - plus he's a Dad with lots of first hand kid experience.  See Paul's full bio here.

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How to get BOOM Drumming into your school: 

2) Choose

  • Choose which program is best for your school

  • Decide how many classes/students/staff you would like to have participate.

Each time we work together, he continues to amaze me, and more importantly the students, parents and staff, with his talent as a musician and his knowledge of music from cultures around the world. His extraordinary ability to differentiate his approach to meet the diverse needs of all students is wonderful.
— Theresa Longlade, Principal Clarkson Public School Mississauga, ON
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The Boom Druming Kids Keynote

Boom! The Power of Rhythm - Paul Houle - School Keynote.png

In a BOOM Drumming Kids Keynote your students sit in a huge circle or rows of concentric circles, allowing them to connect visually and orally with their peers while Paul presents from the centre of the circle. 

BOOM’s collection of drums from around the world act as a metaphor for the different voices we all have and give students a chance to learn how to create something unique by being who they are while respecting the differences of others.


Each participant will have a drum or percussion instrument to play and it will be chaotic, cacophonous, and wonderful. 

As Paul magically brings the chaos to order, participants will contribute live to the keynote while Paul leads them through simple musical pieces that challenge their listening and cooperative skills. They will learn about leading and following. They will learn about depending on each other. They will learn about being creative and they will learn about trust. In the end they will come away smiling and cheering while knowing that it was the power of the group that made their success happen.  

Duration: Approximately 1 hour per session. No more than 3 sessions per day.

Rates are dependent on the scope of the program.

“BOOM! - a big sound that translated into a dynamic and joyful celebration- inspiring teacher leadership and sustainable lessons on community building and musical expression for the classroom and in life!”
— Siobhan Belanger, Principal Bristol Road Middle School Mississauga, ON
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The BOOM Drumming Residency

What it is:

Residency performance 2017

Residency performance 2017

The Boom Drumming Residency is an interactive, classroom based, musical experience guided by seasoned performer and educator, Paul Houle.

How it will benefit your students:

Your students will explore creativity, diversity, community, respect and team work while they learn to make music using Paul’s exotic collection of hand drums and percussion instruments from Canada, Africa, Brazil, the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean.

These fun-filled and educational classes examine musical structure, improvisation, the creative process and problem solving while reinforcing listening and cooperation skills.

This workshop opens the door to fascinating conversations allowing students to make connections with different cultures and traditions as well as understand how math, science, geography, and history play a big part in music making.


• The recommended format is a minimum of 3 (and no more than 5) visits per class.

• Classes can be 45 to 60 minutes in length.

• Schools can choose to cap off this residency with a daytime concert (each class performs a short piece).  This is totally optional.

***It is also possible to repeat the concert for the parent community in the evening if desired. In some cases, this residency has led up to a Winter Holiday celebratory concert or been part special fund raising events.   

Rates for all of the above are dependent on the scope of the program desired.

How you make it happen:

  • Decide how many grades/ classes that you would like to have participate in the residency

  • Decide on whether you want to have a concert at the end

  • Contact Paul to discuss time frame and get a quote

  • Book the dates and Let’s Get Drumming

Paul Houle brought drums and drum circles to Westview with amazing success. An excellent teacher and communicator, he achieved instant rapport with hard-to-reach adolescents, and consistently brought out the best in them, in behavior and performance. Teachers admired him for injecting excitement and enthusiasm in their classes, and for the way he adapted to the constraints of working in a school schedule. Some of my best memories of Westview are of losing myself in a drum circle with my students, and finding in them strengths and talents I had never anticipated.”
— Marilyn Eisenstat, Coordinator of Transition 
 Westview Centennial Secondary School Toronto, ON
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team building programs for teachers, principals and superintendents

“Working with Paul Houle was a wonderful experience for our staff and for myself as the organizer. Our staff was lead through a process that brought everybody together using beat, rhythm and sound. Even those who claimed that they could not possibly carry a beat, were contributing to a group effort. It seemed effortless on Paul’s part for he accomplished this through laughter and encouragement. As the organizer, it was simple, I just found the location, and Paul did the rest. He had the room set up with instruments and directed the staff as they entered the room. The whole process was fun and easy to organize.”
— Robin Royeton, Vice principal Sir Robert L. Borden Toronto, ON

Why should the kids get to have all the fun? 

Seriously! Working with people can be challenging at times so it's nice to have a way to examine how we adults can be more cooperative and more collaborative while we have a little fun at the same time.  

These team-building workshops are just like the ones Paul's big name corporate clients get but priced for the people whose passion is improving the minds of our children. 

Paul's workshop ranges from 45 minutes to 2 hours and are customizable to meet your needs - perfect for PD days or off-sites. He is frequently asked to address the topics below but we can also customize a program for you:

  • Collaboration

  • Leadership

  • Building trust

  • Dealing with Change

Learn more about these topics here.

For my superintendency TEAM, The BOOM
experience was a way to reinforce
relationships and to build community during a
time of significant leadership change within our
schools. Paul reminded us about how to
observe the existing rhythm within our
workplaces and how to respectfully enter and
influence change. It was fun and energizing
and set the tone for our learning retreat.
— Penny Gingell Superintendent Peel District School Board
Secret Meeting of Superintendents

Secret Meeting of Superintendents