Paul Houle (President and Founder of BOOM!)  has developed 4 big stage interactive programs based on topics that his clients have consistently requested over the years. They break down the silos and bring your people together like never before. Through these programs, he shares insights and lessons on listening, leadership, collaboration, managing change, and building trust. 

These are transformational programs perfect for those significant occasions when you're bringing a big group together and want to make an even bigger impact.  Think AGM, Town Hall, National or International Meetings.  Any one of these programs will dramatically impact how your people see working with others in order to achieve a common goal. 

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He was able to help us push our own boundaries and individual and group limits by showing how we can improve the way we interact and work together.


From the moment Paul hits the stage, he pulls you and your colleagues in through his humour, warm personality, stories, insights and powerful, interactive musical pieces.  

Paul's programs are typically rated as the "highlight of the event".  He has received THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE AND CHEERS from the world's best brands including: Microsoft, RBC, Goodyear, ING, Heineken, FedEx, PwC, and P&G.

If you have an event that needs an unforgettable presentation guaranteed to get them cheering while they’re learning, let's talk!

I cannot over emphasize the value you brought to our team by showing us how important we are to one another in achieving our future success.
— The Shopping Channel


Listen. Collaborate. Achieve.

Let's face it. Most people are focused on their own performance. After all, they've spent years learning to do what they do. But guess what? Achieving great things as a team, as a group, as an organization only comes about through learning how to listen to each other. And that ain't always easy. 

This program shows people just what they can accomplish when they really connect with those they're working with.

Interactive, insightful and fun –This action packed program is an incredible experience for any audience. Sales people, IT specialists, Healthcare Workers, Engineers, CEO’s and bankers have all voted with thunderous applause and cheers.

We left the room with hands burning but laughing, happily speaking to each other, sharing impressions and taking with us the lessons given by Paul!
— Goodyear
Paul did a great job at facilitating our management group to helps us re-discover the importance of listening to each other.
— Heineken


LISTEN – Changing outcomes starts by changing how you think about being connected. The act of Listening or seeking connections with your co-workers is the first step in creating collaboration. (Your audience will actually experience this). This key lesson will impact their way of thinking when it comes to working with other people

COLLABORATE - Collaboration is an attitude. Here you will learn how to collaborate across silos and departments to make the most of your colleagues’ skills and abilities.

ACHIEVE – Achievements are realized by great connections and great collaborations but also by knowing how to contribute to the present moment. This part of the program examines the respectful negotiation that needs to take place to realize great outcomes.

Best audience: Any group wanting to be better connected to each other

Program Length: 60 - 90 Minutes

Best Group Size: 40 to 300

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Paul has developed an amazing presentation that allows your people to experience and examine leadership in action. Imagine having to take a group of people who have been given tools that they have never worked with before and getting them to realize a goal they think is impossible. Paul does just this with your group using a solid vision of the outcomes combined with the perfect mix of patience, encouragement, confidence building, constructive criticism, motivation, and trust.

...participants thoroughly enjoyed the unique experience and the session brought together key learnings from the entire program. It was a great finale to the leadership program.
— The Cooperators

Attendees Will Learn:

  • how to lead with confidence and humility

  • why you need to own your mistakes and why mistakes are important

  • how to build a collaborative culture through acceptance and flexibility

  • how to build trust among your team

Best audience: Managers and leaders

Program Length: 60 to 90 Minutes

Best Group Size: 40 to 300

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When change comes into our life, our anxiety acts like a magnifying glass. It magnifies all the possible things we're worried about. It consumes our thoughts throughout the day (and often the night). We are full of what-ifs and maybe still thinking about the "why". And some of us may be stuck on "I can't", when "can't" isn't an option.

Paul's powerful presentation on change will show you that despite the changes going on around you, there's a lot you can hang onto: things around you that can make the transition easier and more successful. You may not be able to bring it all with you but there are lots of things about change that won't change.


You captured the interest of every person in the room. Who needs coffee in the morning when Paul is around! Thank you for such a great presentation and for a wonderful experience!
— Ontario Real Estate Association

Attendees Will Learn:

  • discover ways to make change more comfortable

  • how to get comfortable with change

  • how to leverage change for success

Best audience: any group going through a change

Program Length: 60 - 90 Minutes

Best Group Size: 40 to 300

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Every action we take with someone either creates trust, maintains trust, or takes away from it. 

You can't just say "Trust me!" yet we do all the time.

Trust is built over time through words and actions. It's a slow process that has to be handled with great care and respect, but once you have trust incredible things can happen. People can go where they never thought possible. Risk, all of a sudden, shrinks almost out of sight. Trust can make you comfortable with the uncomfortable.


Paul has developed a fascinating presentation that allows your people to experience and examine how to build trust as group and to harness it's incredible power

Attendees Will Learn:

The powerful impact that occurs to build mind-trust and connectivity to others on a whole new level makes his program one of the most memorable in my experience.
— Halsall Engineers
  • the importance of listening to build trust

  • the importance of putting yourself out there to build trust

  • what to do to build trust

  • how to use what you already know to build trust

Best audience: any group that needs to rely on each other to reach a goal

Program Length: 60 to 90 Minutes

Best Group Size: 40 to 300