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What we offer.

Looking for an interactive keynote presentation for a large group? Check out our 4 most popular topics here.

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BOOM Drumming Circles

BOOM's guided interactive drumming circles (whoa - that's a mouthful) can be best summed up as...get ready....

  • A dynamic program where everyone on your team gets to play a hand drum or percussion instrument (yes, everyone, and all at once)

  • They get to participate in simple yet, highly interactive pieces of music (especially designed for non-musicians), filled with meaningful and relevant team work insights that will unify them and increase collaboration.


 Features & BeneFits

  • It’s fun & makes people smile (Guaranteed),

  • Relieves Stress (It's like yoga for your brain)

  • Provides an instant air of celebration (Woo-hoo).  

  • Anybody, any age, any fitness level can participate. ( No heavy lifting!)

  • It’s gets people thinking differently about how they can collaborate with each other.

Where we really shine is not just by turning your people into “newbie drummers” (which we guarantee to do), but in how we pull out the lessons / insights / messages from the experience to your group. 

We do this through an in-the-moment debrief between pieces that make our program a powerful learning experience. We assure you that our program gets people thinking differently about how they can interact with their colleagues. 

 (Can be 1 to 2 hours but 90 minutes is great) 

N.B We typically like to work in a circle (or concentric circles) but we've have also done many programs in theatre style or banquet style set ups - whatever works for you works for us.

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BOOM Drumming Ice Breakers

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We understand.  Your people are busy and you don't always have a lot of time to get into team building in a big way.  But you'd also like to kick off your meeting or close with something special, something that connects people, something that says "this year's gonna be different", something they'll talk about for a long time!

That's why we offer our BOOM Drumming Ice Breaker.  It's like a "pop-up percussion orchestra" with your people as the orchestra and BOOM as the conductor.  


It's quick. (It's usually about 15 to 20 minutes). It's easy. Anyone, no matter their age, fitness level, or musical ability can participate in a big way. Lastly, it's high energy, and it puts people right where you want them to be before you get on with the rest of your day - Energized and Focused. 

We've done tons of these and there are lots of different directions we can go in, so let's talk today.  

BOOM manages the creative process to deliver an innovative and inspirational experience!
— Ernst and Young

BOOM Drumming Breakout Sessions

Do you have an organization made up of many small teams?  Would it be helpful if those teams had a stronger sense of identity?  Would it be helpful if they could come up with their own vision for their success?

BOOM's breakout sessions are fun, challenging and extremely productive.  They take people out of their comfort zones and set up an empowering environment that gives people the chance to think deeply about who they are as a team and what they can accomplish together. 

How they work:

  • First your whole group meets together and participates in an introductory drumming activity to set the tone. 

  • Then they are divided up into their separate teams and given a challenge. (The nature of this challenge will decided through our consultation with you). We'll provide them with the musical instruments they need to complete this challenge.   Yes, it does involve something musical but will be within their abilities.   (Yes, we know they don't think they have any - they're wrong and we'll prove it).   

  • As they work together their separate areas, they will be visited by BOOM staff who will coach and advise them.

  • After a suitable amount of creative time they will come back and present what they've come up with to their peers.  The best part is that they will explain their thinking and their process for all to benefit from.   To learn more, check out the video above.